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Here is a clear explanation in detail of the steps described above:

Of course we need a description of the product(s) you’re willing to sell. Please send us clear pictures of the product(s), with any extras like: Boxes, content of the boxes, the product(s) itself and any other noteworthy parts of the product(s). Please show any obvious and noteworthy damages in the pictures clearly.

Furthermore we want to know the reimbursement you would like to receive for these items. This can be money or store credit. Please note that the store credit for your products will generally be higher than the amount of money given. The reimbursement given is always including the shipment of the products to our office in Weesp, The Netherlands. We only accept shipments with Track and Trace. There is also the option to deliver the product(s) yourself if that's easier or cheaper.

Please understand that we would like to receive the item(s) first, before we transfer any money or give any store credit.

It's also good to know that some gaming products are more valuable than others. Special Editions, RPG games and Complete in Box (CIB) items are usually more valuable than sports or racing games. If you want to sell a large quantity of products it's easier to sell it all at once to us than going through the time consuming process of selling them individually.

Thank you for understanding and we await your retro game products with interest.